Fequently asked questions

of promoters at Musikverein

Which concert halls can I hire?

A list of the halls available for hire can be found on our overview page, with information about the capacity of each venue. 

How much does venue hire cost?

Please contact our team at events@musikverein.at for pricing information. In order to give you as detailed an offer as possible, we kindly ask you to provide us with the date and a brief description of your planned event, together with information about the venues you are interested in hiring.

Which seating plan should I use?

For concerts in our halls, particularly for the Große Saal, we make use of many different seating plans (for Lieder recitals, large orchestral performances, choral events, etc.) and allocation options for the different price categories. To find the best seating plan for your event, please consult our team, who will be happy to help you choose the best available arrangement.

Are price categories fixed?

Anyone hiring event space is free to choose a ticket pricing structure. We are happy to provide personal consultation on this matter. 

How are ticket sales organised?

The Musikverein organises all ticket sales, charging a one-off fee for this service, together with an administration fee on a commission basis as set out in the hire agreement. In consultation with those hiring the venue, we organise ticket printing and distribution both through our ticket office and online via the Musikverein website. The hire client may set a maximum number of tickets that corresponds to the capacity of the respective venue. 

Is there a weekend concert box-office service for these concerts?

The service provision of ticketing / administration of ticket booking by the Musikverein includes a concert box office service outside our normal opening times and also at weekends from one hour before the event begins.

Are there general regulations to which I must adhere when organising a concert at the Musikverein?

All our hire clients accept the House Regulations upon concluding a venue hire contract. We kindly ask you to pay particular attention to provisions regarding “Safety” and “Implementing stipulations and house regulations”.

Can I also sell tickets or allow ticket sales via other organisations?

This is possible, however only where discussed and agreed in advance with your contact partner at the Musikverein. Where this is agreed, we will allocate a specified number of tickets for sale via other organisations. Any changes to ticket design must be agreed with us in advance.

Is a Print@home option available?

Yes, the Musikverein also offers a Print@home service for your event, in cases where customers purchase their tickets via our website.

May other ticket booking services offer a Print@home option?

No, for technical reasons, we can only provide ticket controls for Print@Home tickets where these are purchased directly through our website.

How can I find out how many tickets have been purchased through advance booking? 

We are happy to provide you with regular updates on ticket sales for your event. Please note that we are only able to provide this information in response to a specific request and can provide updates only via e-mail. We are unable to provide information in this respect directly at the box office or by telephone. We therefore also request that you do make assumptions about the precise number of advance ticket sales based on the available numbers published on our website.

Can I book my own catering service?

The company Gerstner is the exclusive catering contractor for the Musikverein in Vienna. Other catering services may only be engaged in exceptional circumstances, and only with the express agreement of Gerstner and permission from the Musikverein.
Please note that if permission is granted, compensation payments shall be due to the exclusive catering contractor. Please contact the catering company Gerstner for all other enquiries regarding catering services at musikverein@gerstner.at.

How will the Musikverein advertise my event?

You are entirely responsible for all advertising related to your event. With the exception of publishing your concert event on our homepage and in the calendar of our “Musikfreunde” magazine, the Musikverein undertakes no advertising activities on your behalf. Please note that all information relating to your event must be provided within the time limit specified in the venue hire contract, so that the event can be publicised in a timely manner.

May I provide brochures or display posters for my event at the Musikverein?

Please consult your contact partner at the Musikverein to arrange for brochures relating to your event to be provided at the box office up to one week prior to the scheduled event. 
If there is room, we may also be able to display a poster in A1 format on our noticeboards. Please ensure that all such materials are sent in pdf-format to your contact partner at the Musikverein for approval prior to printing.

Who is responsible for the production of event programmes? 

As the event organiser, you are responsible for the design and printing of your programmes. We are happy to undertake the sale of programmes (or distribution of free programmes) to visitors in return for an agreed fee. Depending on which of these options applies, please ensure that either the programme sale price or the words “Free programme” are clearly visible on the printed leaflets. 
Please send a draft version in pdf-format to your contact partner at the Musikverein for approval prior to printing.

May I use the Musikverein logo? 

The right to use the Musikverein logo is exclusively reserved for events organised by the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna.

I wish to document my event through photography, film or audio recordings. 
What rules must I adhere to in such cases?

Without exception, permission to undertake any form of live recording, photography and filming must be sought and obtained in advance from the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde. Fees are payable to the Musikverein with regard to such activities on its premises. For further information on precise costs, please consult your contact partner at the Musikverein. Please ensure that you consult the Musikverein regarding the exact location of recording equipment before ticket sales commence.