Subscriptions 2020/21

We are confident to present you the subscription programme of the Musikverein for the season 2020/21. The word, often and often used, has received an unexpectedly strong response - and so it is deliberately stated here: Yes, we are confident that in 2020/21 we will again be able to offer you joyful and inspiring encounters with music but without restrictions. With a lot of creativity we have planned an exciting, diverse, glamorous season for you. It includes 73 subscriptions: 73 different ways to experience life with music during the year.

Your house, the Musikverein in Vienna, offers the best place for this. Since 1870, it has been the first address in the music world to bring together a wide variety of genres under one roof: classical music that radiates in all directions. What the Musikverein has to offer in 2020/21, you will find thematically grouped in the categories "Orchestermusik", "Kammermusik", "Stimme", "Kontrapunkt", "Originalklang", "Im Fokus", "Next Generation" and "Kinder und Jugend ”.

Whichever way you choose to experience music at the Musikverein in the season 2020/21 - we look forward to your visit!

Subscriptions 2020/21 (PDF)

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Becoming a member of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde has always been something special. Feelings of belonging and participating, identification and love for a shared interest were all reasons for the creation of the society more than 200 years ago. They remain defining themes today. The Musikverein connects people who share not only an interest but also an ideal. It is this that brings them together as “supporting members”, as defined in the society’s founding statutes.

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Other forms of support

Alongside the traditional options of either regular membership or youth membership of the Musikverein, there are now other forms of involvement that take the supportive aspects of membership a step further. As a Musikverein Supporter, Sponsor or Patron, you can enjoy additional, personal and tailor-made advantages.

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With our Club20, we would like to offer young adults from 14 - 29 the opportunity to enjoy concerts of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde from the best seats in the hall - and that for only EUR 20 / EUR 10 per ticket!

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Guided tours

As one of the world's most beautiful concert halls and most decorative and striking buildings on Vienna's Ringstrasse, the Musikverein can be best appreciated in the setting of a concert. However, the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde is also opening the doors of this magnificent building for public tours.

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Concert archive

What was played by whom and when? Our digital concert archive will give you the desired information. It documents 75 years of history: 37,060 events in the Musikverein, 28,753 performers, 10,132 composers, 64,600 works ... The immense treasure trove of concert history: just one click away.

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Concert vouchers

The ideal present for every occasion!

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150 years Musikverein Vienna

Tag der offenen Tür 2020

Ein Rückblick auf den 29.02.2020

Physisch können wir den Musikverein derzeit zwar nicht betreten, aber nichts hindert uns daran, von Zuhause aus auf einen der schönsten Tage der Saison zurückzublicken: Was für ein schöner Tag war dieser Tag der offenen Türen, der offenen Ohren, der offenen Herzen! Genießt den Einblick in die Vielfalt des Musikvereins - oder wie unser Intendant Dr. Thomas Angyan sagt: "Hier kann sich jeder wohlfühlen - hier gibt es für jeden etwas!"

Geschichten aus der Geschichte

Einblicke in 150 Jahre Musikverein

In der Jubiläumssaison 2019/20 wollen wir Ihnen kleine Einblicke in die Vergangenheit des Wiener Musikvereins ermöglichen.

"Lieben Sie Brahms?" Von Vielen wird diese Frage mit einem klaren JA! beantwortet. Es ist eine bewegte Geschichte die Johannes Brahms mit dem Musikverein und der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde verbindet. Mit unserer Geschichte aus der Geschichte sehen wir uns diese Beziehung im Detail an.

Die Sammlung der Geschichten wird im Lauf der Saison erweitert. 


A house for music

At the end of October 2019, the Society of Friends of Music presents a new book, "Der Musikverein in Wien. Ein Haus für die Musik" (Author: Joachim Reiber, Photography: Wolf-Dieter Grabner). The book, which will be published by Styria Verlag, will be available at the Musikverein shop and in bookstores for a price of 30 Euros. Members of the Society of Friends of Music, who buy the "Jubiläumszyklus", receive it for free as a bonus to the subscription.

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