The Musikverein’s concert halls

The Musikverein has a complete ensemble of concert halls, which are available for concerts and events. When it opened with two concert halls in 1870, the institution was a novelty in the musical city of Vienna. Whereas the earlier building opened in 1831 had had only one concert hall with room for 700 people, there was now a great hall for symphonic concerts and a smaller one for lieder recitals and chamber music  performances. The Große Musikvereinssaal, also named the Goldener Saal because of its opulent decor and colour scheme, had enough capacity for audiences of 2,000 concertgoers. The Kleine Musikvereinssaal, known as the Brahms Saal since 1937,  could accommodate an audience of almost 600. The former chamber concert hall (Kammersaal) became the Gottfried von Einem Saal in 1996. This is used today for interval refreshments and receptions. In 2004 the Musikverein underwent significant expansion with the addition of the subterranean Four New Halls (Vier Neuen Säle). The Glass Hall / Magna Auditorium (Gläserne Saal / Magna Auditorium) is the largest of these, and offers the most flexible space. There is space for 380 concert audience members, and its dimensions correspond exactly to those of the stage in the Große Musikvereinssaal. For this reason, among others, the Glass Hall is often used for orchestral rehearsals. 
The Metal Hall (Metallene Saal) is as popular a venue for alternative concert formats and events as it is for rehearsals. It accommodates up to 100 people.
The Stone Hall (Steinerne Saal), with a capacity of up to 70 people, is particularly well suited for conferences, symposia and reception events. The Wooden Hall (Hölzerne Saal) is an ideal venue for events related to the Glass Hall’s programme. Accommodating up to 50 people, it is separated from the foyer of the Glass Hall by a sliding wall and provides a flexible space that can be used in many different ways.