Alberto's adventures

Alberto tells three new adventures

After successfully completing two adventures last season, three brand new stories await you this year.

In the fall, Alberto tells the story of an in-love knight and a young princess, in March 2019 we go on a journey with penguins, and in April 2019 we help Inspector X solve a new spectacular case.

All stories will be musically designed by the Linzer Torten Orchester this year. With classical music, well-known songs from the school to sing along, with film music, jazz and pop songs, we immerse ourselves in the world of adventure. As with other children's concerts, you sit in the Glass Hall / Magna Auditorium on the floor and this way, will be able to be part or the stories. The concerts last about an hour.

We want to make your participation on stage even easier during the concert. Therefore, there is a short rehearsal 15 minutes before the beginning of the performance, where you can practice your part in the performances together.

If you feel like it, you can dress up, always suitable for the theme!
We look forward to seeing you.

Programme Folder (PDF in German)

Albert Landertinger, idea and presentation
Linzer Torten Orchestra

for children from 6 years

Glass Hall / Magna Auditorium

School performances

Knights and princesses
Thursday, 15.11.2018 at 09.00h and 11.00h
Penguins in Madagascar
Friday, 15.03.2019 at 09.00h and 11.00h
Inspector X and the sticker album
Monday, 08.04.2019 at 09.00h and 11.00h

Programme and cast:
Please see the top of the page for details about the cast an programme.

in written form, e.g. by e-mail to, on 05.06.2018 from 9.00 o'clock. Due to the high demand, the reserved tickets must be paid for at least one month before the performance, otherwise the reservation will be canceled.

Price for school groups: 6, - EUR per pupil
Residual tickets for private persons (from Monday of the presentation week): 18, - EUR

for children from 6 years

Glass Hall / Magna Auditorium

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Allegretto 2018/19

The Allegretto concert series offers a diverse program for young friends or music from 6 years.


© Wolf-Dieter Grabner


General information about the events

We kindly ask you to take note of the following information when attending concerts for children of the age of 6 and above.


Alberto und Allegretto
© Gudrun Öhlinger / Michael Hofkirchner

Alberto und Allegretto 

Programm für Kinder ab 6 Jahren

Das Abonnement Allegretto im Brahms-Saal und der Zyklus Albertos Abenteuer im Gläsernen Saal / Magna Auditorium werden für Kinder ab 6 Jahren angeboten.