The subscription program of the 4 New Halls 2018/19

In the season 2018/19 the programme in the 4 New Halls of the Musikverein offers variety and excitement. We are especially looking forward to the mixture of long-standing partners and young artists whose debuts we are awaiting with curiosity.

Immerse yourself in the subscription programme of the 4 New Halls 2018/19!



Abonnements 2018/2019

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With our Club20, we would like to offer young adults from 14 - 29 the opportunity to enjoy concerts of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde from the best seats in the hall - and that for only EUR 20 / EUR 10 per ticket!


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Guided tours

As one of the world's most beautiful concert halls and most decorative and striking buildings on Vienna's Ringstrasse, the Musikverein can be best appreciated in the setting of a concert. However, the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde is also opening the doors of this magnificent building for public tours.


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Concert vouchers

The ideal present for every occasion!


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Review - Symposium on music education

On the occasion of Leonard Bernstein's 100th birthday, the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien held a symposium on June 6, 2018 in the Gläserner Saal / Magna Auditorium of the Wiener Musikverein entitled "Musik – Die offene Frage. Ein Tag für Leonard Berstein." As a guest of honor, his daughter Jamie Bernstein participated in this symposium.

Leonard Bernstein influence, with his outstanding enthusiasm as a musician and as a music mediator, continues uninterruptedly into our present. Generations of young people have been inspired live or on television at the "Young People's Concerts" or through personal encounters, such as Dr. Thomas Angyan describes in his introduction. Bernstein was the epitome of the educated and passionate musician, who wanted to reach out to his audience in a variety of ways.

How Bernstein did that and which tasks music education is facing today, was illuminated and discussed at the symposium by experts and interested parties from different perspectives. The lectures and discussions can be read or viewed here. The texts are available for download.

„Musik – Die offene Frage. Ein Tag für Leonard Berstein“ (PDF in German)

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