New swing

That someone or something does not fit in a drawer, is a so often used linguistic image that it even smells of drawer and moth powder. And so the very versatile, lively-quicksilver jazz singer Marina Zettl from Graz should be described quite different: namely, that she has found a drawer! One from which she draws the most colorful things. The ark is the swing of the 1930s, 40s. A wonderful amount of retro-chic is in it, but also a lot of stimulation for the new, own interpretation with which marina and four fellow musicians are now swinging. "Marina & The Kats" is the name of the ensemble: the smallest big band in the world that is on the road to success. In 2018 there will be appearances at the Jazzfest Ancona, many more guest appearances in France, Tunisia, Germany and Spain. And, on April 12, her debut in the Musikverein.

Thursday, April 12 2018, 20.00h Gläserner Saal / Magna Auditorium

Dialect chanson or something like that

The style of "Die Duetten" can not be named, but: Their music is certainly refreshingly different. They are honest, but not always, critical, uncritical, love clichés and like to serve them. Music, oral art or dialect is what they do. Michaela Khom, musical actress, and Isabel Gaber, graphic artist and musician on her way to an artistic doctoral degree: two young, creative girls who paint with words inspired by everyday life. Linguistically, they meet in the Viennese dialect, musically between Chanson and Wienerlied.

Friday, March 16, 2018, 8pm

Rising Star Emmanuel Tjeknavorian

For several years, the Society of Music Friends in Vienna has accompanied and supported the career of 22-year-old violinist Emmanuel Tjeknavorian. Meanwhile, the young Viennese with Armenian roots is on the way to a great career. Since his debut in the Musikverein, he has given several sonata and chamber music evenings and, with his interpretation of Schubert's C major fantasy, has become "beautiful proof of the thesis that the Viennese music culture has not died out" (Die Presse).

Appointed by the Musikverein and Konzerthaus as representatives of Austria for the international concert series "Rising Stars", Emmanuel Tjeknavorian will be guesting in leading concert halls in Europe in 2017/18 and in the Musikverein - with a highly demanding program for violin solo, which also features works written especially for him by Christoph Ehrenfellner. As a rising star, he also visited a Viennese school to share his enthusiasm for classical music with young people.

"Fremd" - Coro siamo

Listen, listen, listen ... but also: belong, belong, belong? With associations to "listening", which go far beyond the musical context, the Vienna coro siamo takes center stage in the discussion about social perceptions and sensitivities. And finds possible answers especially in music that illustrates different aspects of "foreignness". In the program "Fremd", the singers become a choir of displaced persons or strangers in their own country. The boundaries of the performance and audience space are broken open, it opens up a space for projections: Am I alien or the others? Music by composers expelled from Austria and people who had to flee to Austria forms the musical framework around compositions by Viktor Ullmann, György Ligeti and Arvo Pärt.

Article "Das Wir-Gefühl von seiner schönsten Seite" from the Musikfreunde Magazin (German only).
Wednesday, 15. November 2017, 20.00h Gläserner Saal / Magna Auditorium

Franz Welser-Möst about Leoš Janáčeks opera „Das schlaue Füchslein“

The production, which was a sensation in the USA and received many very good reviews, even in the "New York Times", is to be seen in the Musikverein first and only this once in Europe.

Thursday, 19. Oktober 2017, 19.30 Uhr
Friday, 20. Oktober 2017, 19.30 Uhr

For more background information on the Cleveland Orchestra, read our article "Musik fürs Leben" from Musikfreunde Magazin September/October 2017.(German only)