Vielgefragt. Lorenzo Viotti

„Ein Dirigent“, sagt Lorenzo Viotti, „ist heute viel mehr als bloß die Person, die sich auf der Bühne bewegt, um ein schönes Konzert zu geben. Wir müssen die Menschen erreichen.“ Viotti erreicht sie. Und er begeistert als Dirigent. 1990 geboren, zählt Lorenzo Viotti schon heute zu den Meistgefragten seiner Zunft. Mit dem Musikverein Wien verbindet ihn ein besonderes Naheverhältnis. 

Music connects

What connects food, a classical concert and Converse?

Conductor Lorenzo Viotti effortlessly unites these three worlds and concludes that you are welcome where your heart is. No matter what you look like or what you are wearing, whether professional or newcomer.

And this is also the motto of our Club20: We are pleased to welcome everybody: professional concert goers or new audience.
And most important: We welcome you, just the way you are.

Lecture - Jamie Bernstein

Jamie Bernstein speaks on the occasion of the symposium in honor of Leonard Bernstein's 100th birthday "Music - the open question" about her father's learning, teaching and life.

Leonard Bernstein's 100th birthday

Leonard Bernstein is remembered as one of the most dazzling musical personalities of the past century - as an interpreter on the conductor's podium or piano as well as a composer, pedagogue and as a human being. Last but not least, he gave Vienna a wealth of musical moments in the Musikverein. The Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde proves its honorary member Leonard Bernstein, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday on 25th August, with a diverse range of programs his due reverence.