Ticket purchase and collection 

General information

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Box Office

Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna
Musikvereinsplatz 1 (Entrance via Bösendorferstraße 12)
A-1010 Vienna

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The box office is situated on the left within the Musikverein building.

Opening hours (September to June):
Monday through Friday 9.00 - 19.00 h*
Saturday 9.00 - 13.00 h
as well as 1 hour before the start of the concert (for own events). 

* Between 18:00 and 20:00 we aim to provide you with the best possible service regarding that evening’s concert. We are therefore happy to serve customers regarding ticket resales and subscription payments between 9:00 und 18:00.

Please note we have restricted opening times in July and August:
Monday to Friday 09:00 – 12:00 (Telephone: 9:00-13:00)

Telephone: +43 1 505 81 90
Fax: +43 1 505 81 90 94
E-mail: tickets@musikverein.at

Box office payments can be made using the following cashless options:
- Maestro (debit card)
- VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB, American Express

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Ticket booking

Information on advance booking periods, booking options and payment methods.

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Unless otherwise stated, members may purchase tickets for events organised by the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde up to two months in advance. Ticket sales to the general public begin one week after booking is made available to members. In case of a sunday or a public holiday the sale starts on the next working day. These booking periods also apply for standing room tickets.

The Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde reserves the right to limit the number of individual tickets available for purchase by members on the first day of advance booking to a maximum of four.

For special concerts, events organised by third parties and for subscriptions and festivals, special advance booking periods apply. These are specified in connection with the events in question.

Ticket bookings made in any form are binding. Payments will be made in accordance with your chosen payment method.  Tickets that have been booked and paid for may be   collected during the opening times at the box office or from 1 hour before the performance begins, including on public holidays and weekends. Please show the credit card used to make the purchase or the booking confirmation when collecting your tickets. Please note that it is not possible to cancel tickets once a booking has been made. 

The following payment methods are accepted online:

  • Credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB, American Express
  • Online bank transfers: Bank Austria, Erste Bank and Sparkassen, Hypo, Raiffeisen, BAWAG P.S.K, Volksbank, giropay
  • SEPA direct debit

Tickets can also be paid by telephone using a credit card.

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Ticket collection

Find out when you can collect tickets from the ticket office and what you need to bring with you.

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You may collect your tickets once you have received an e-mail confirmation for your order from the Musikverein. 

To provide proof of purchase, please bring either:

  • The credit card used to book the tickets, or
  • a printout of the booking confirmation, which was sent to you by e-mail.

Collecting concert tickets:

  • At the Musikverein ticket office, via the entrance at Bösendorferstraße 12
  • Outside the published opening hours, at the Musikverein ticket office from half an hour before the performance begins

Ticket collection for guided tours outside the ticket office opening hours:

  • from the main entrance, the door on the left

Print@home tickets:

  • Please print out your tickets in A4 format and show these when entering the concert hall.

Further information on print@home and mobile ticket (Passbook):

When purchasing tickets online, you can choose between the options of print@home, mobile ticket (Passbook) and ticket collection from the box office. Please note the following security tip for the safe use of your print@home or mobile ticket options: Each ticket is only valid for one-time entry to the respective event. The ticket’s barcode/QR code will be scanned electronically upon first entry, making repeated entry invalid. Anyone attempting to gain entry to events using a further printout or copy of the ticket (print@home) or the same mobile tickets will be denied entry and will not be entitled to exchange or refund the tickets. Ensure that you store your tickets/data  carefully to keep them safe from unauthorised access by others. When entering, it is not necessary to provide evidence that you purchased the ticket yourself. 

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Where purchased tickets cannot be used, we offer a resale option for which we charge a commission fee.

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If it is not possible to use the tickets you have booked, we are happy to take your tickets for possible resale via the concert box office. We require the original concert tickets if already collected from the box office. Box office resale is only available for Print@home tickets if you are able to send us a PDF by e-mail of the tickets in question. 

The Musikverein reserves the right to make changes regarding performers, dates and programmes of scheduled events, as well as changes to the concert staging. Any such changes to not provide entitlement to return or refund of tickets already purchased. If we have sufficient advance knowledge of changes to published events, customers will be informed of these by e-mail, where an e-mail address has been provided.

If overlapping performance schedules between subscriptions occur (e.g.: two concerts scheduled simultaneously in the Große Saal and in the Brahms Saal, or two concerts with the same programme in two different subscriptions), ticket holders may exchange the tickets for the concert they are unable to attend for tickets for another event, if available, at the box office. Alternatively, they may  exchange their tickets for a voucher to the value of their ticket price for use at a later date. This regulation only applies in the case of scheduling clashes in the Musikverein and where tickets were purchased as part of a subscription. Tickets purchased separately cannot be refunded in such cases. 

Tickets for events that are cancelled will be refunded within three months of the cancellation. There is no entitlement to a refund beyond this date.

Commission fees will be charged at variable rates depending upon the type of tickets you present for resale through the Musikverein, if a buyer is found.

Subscription tickets:

  • Members will not be charged commission fees for resale of dicounted subscription tickets 
  • Subscription ticket holders will be refunded 90% of the ticket price  

Individual tickets:

  • Individual ticket holders (regardless of membership status) will be refunded 80% of the ticket price. 

This sum may be claimed as cash before the end of that concert season from the box office from Mon - Fri 9:00 - 14:00 and 16:00 - 18:00 upon presentation of the resale voucher. Please note that no payment is possible outside these opening times, and in particular not during the hour before performances begin.

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Information about ticket delivery by post and associated costs.

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Subscriptions, memberships and items from the Musikverein shop can be ordered for delivery and will be sent by post.

Postal delivery is currently unavailable in the case of tickets for concerts and guided tours. In these cases, please use our print@home tickets.

Delivery costs for subscriptions:

  • EUR 6.00 in Austria
  • EUR 11.00 outside Austria 

For memberships:

  • Delivery is free  

For shop items:

  • Delivery costs vary according to product and delivery address and will be added before payment is made.