The subscription sale for the season 2020/21 is closed.

Subscriptions 2020/21

We are confident to present you the subscription programme of the Musikverein for the season 2020/21. The word, often and often used, has received an unexpectedly strong response - and so it is deliberately stated here: Yes, we are confident that in 2020/21 we will again be able to offer you joyful and inspiring encounters with music but without restrictions. With a lot of creativity we have planned an exciting, diverse, glamorous season for you. It includes 73 subscriptions: 73 different ways to experience life with music during the year.

Your house, the Musikverein in Vienna, offers the best place for this. Since 1870, it has been the first address in the music world to bring together a wide variety of genres under one roof: classical music that radiates in all directions. What the Musikverein has to offer in 2020/21, you will find thematically grouped in the categories "Orchestermusik", "Kammermusik", "Stimme", "Kontrapunkt", "Originalklang", "Im Fokus", "Next Generation" and "Kinder und Jugend ”.

Whichever way you choose to experience music at the Musikverein in the season 2020/21 - we look forward to your visit!

Subscriptions 2020/21 (PDF)

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