The Society of Friends of Music

The Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde (Society of Friends of Music) in Vienna has now occupied a leading position among the music world’s institutions for more than 200 years. Its reputation for excellence has both historical and contemporary foundations. It is a home from home for the most important orchestras, ensembles, conductors and soloists: performing at the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde represents an absolute career highlight for musicians from around the world. 
The same is true for audiences: 10,000 friends of music visit each year, to hear classical music in the most beautiful setting imaginable. Around 800 performances per season provide them with a programme that is richly alluring in its diversity. The Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde itself hosts no less than 60 concert series. The spectrum ranges from projects for children to the great symphonies, from chamber music to alternative musical forms, and from early music to the contemporary arts.
Founded as a society in 1812, the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde has retained this original form, relying on the involvement of its members. The short form of the Gesellschaft’s name has become a familiar brand: Musikverein Vienna. 

The Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde’s unique status is also due in part to the iconic building constructed to house its art. The Musikverein Building, erected as a jewel in the crown of the Ringstrasse’s architecture in 1870, has become synonymous with the Gesellschaft itself. This is now fondly referred to by a single word: The Musikverein.