School concerts in the Große Musikvereinssaal

In cooperation with the Wiener Symphoniker

In cooperation with the Wiener Symphoniker, the Society of Music Friends presents a school concert in the Great Hall every year. The program is alternately prepared for pupils from the 2nd to 4th grade (Volksschule) or pupils from the 5th to 8th grade.

In the season 2017/18 the "Bilder einer Ausstellung" are on display. A link to the concert program can be found below. The concert is designed for children from the second school year. 

Ticket prices:

  • 5 Euro per student
  • Teachers as accompanying persons are free

Information and registration:

Constantin Trinks
© Irene Zandel

Constantin Trinks 

Bilder einer Ausstellung

Wiener Symphoniker 
Constantin Trinks, Dirigent
Marko Simsa, Moderator


Montag, 05. März 2018, 09.00 Uhr

Monday, 05. March 2018, 10.45 AM

© Martina Draper



Wiener Symphoniker
Gustavo Gimeno, Dirigent 
Lilian Genn, Präsentation
Lena Schwentenwein & Tina Handl, Kostüme 
Bettina Büttner-Krammer & Lilian Genn, Konzept & Dramaturgie 


Friday, 27. January 2017, 09.00 AM

© Martina Draper


„The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra“

Wiener Symphoniker 
Lahav Shani, Dirigent
Marko Simsa, Moderation

Monday, 14. March 2016, 03.00 PM

© Martina Draper


Mozart reist nach Prag

Wiener Symphoniker
Adam Fischer, Dirigent
Lilian Genn, Moderation, Konzept und Dramaturgie
Lena Schwentenwein, Kostüme
Tina Handl, Kostüme
Bettina Büttner-Krammer, Konzept und Dramaturgie


Friday, 22. May 2015, 09.00 AM

Pictures of an Exhibition

The "Pictures of an Exhibition" by the Russian composer Modest Mussorgski offered over 2,000 elementary school students a great introduction to the world of classical music. In cooperation with the Albertina, workshops were held in advance in which, in addition to the musical preparation, a museum educational tour of the exhibition "Monet-Picasso" was made possible. In the concert in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein, three pictures ("The Old Castle" - "Ballet of the Cuts in their Eggshells" - The Baba Yaga Hut ") were danced by a group of children on stage.

A project of the Wiener Symphoniker / Young Symphony Workshop on 20.2.2018, Albertina, Vienna School Concerts on 5.3.2018, Musikverein Wien, Great Hall Constantin Trinks, Conductor Marko Simsa, Host Karin Steinbrugger, Choreography Emma, ​​Mia, Niki, Lea, Lisa, Sarah, Leonie, Elena, Valerie, Helen, Marlene, Phoebe, Marie · Dancers


“You really do all look as though you come from the 19th century!” Presenter Lilian Genn thus expressed her astonishment at the sight of her audience: pupils, coming from more than 20 different primary schools, had constructed wonderful bonnets and top hats for the concert taking place in the Goldene Saal and were waiting excitedly in the Musikverein. The children received a warm welcome at the “Schubertiade” not only from their hostess but also from the guest musicians. These were members of the Wiener Symphoniker, performing a wide variety of chamber music pieces from trio to octet, followed by excerpts from Franz Schubert’s orchestral works under the leadership of Spanish conductor Gustavo Gimeno – also wearing an elegant top hat. The orchestra were in 19th century mode too of course, and there were all kinds of opportunities for the children in the audience to participate in making music: That morning showed just how wonderful it is to hear 100 primary school children singing the theme from Schubert’s beautiful Trout Quintet – enough to give anyone goose bumps – and of course we also found out just how well the Wiener Symphoniker’s musicians could sing and dance!

Mozart goes to Prague

In the second school concert given by the Wiener Symphoniker in the 2014-15 Season, the orchestra and its audience made a musical journey to the Prague of 1787. The concert began with the audience taking an imaginary coach on the long journey from Vienna to Prague. Luckily, there were a couple of instruments in the luggage and musicians on board to entertain travellers along the way! On arrival in Prague, the audience found itself the guests of an academy event to honour Mozart: The orchestra and its maestro came onto the stage and played excerpts from “The Marriage of Figaro”, which was the most well-loved opera in Prague at that time. Following this, the young audience experienced something else that was very special: The “premiere” performance of the Prague Symphony by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

The children were closely involved in the entire event – singing and dancing and even participating in the Prague Symphony performance - while of course both orchestra and audience members came in costume. It was indeed a concert experience for all the senses! 

Video: Clipfabrik (c) Niki Lappas