Frequently asked questions by event organizers

Owing to our many years of experience as concert promoters and from our regular dealings with promoters, we know that the same questions are asked again and again. Here you will find a compilation of these questions.

Which halls can I rent?

A list of the halls available for rentals can be found on our overview page, where you will also be informed about the corresponding capacities of the premises.

How much does the rent cost?

For a quotation, please contact our team by email. In order to provide you with an offer that is as detailed as possible, we ask you to indicate the planned date of the event or a desired period and a brief description of the event, as well as information about which halls you are interested in.

Which seating plan should I use?

For the concerts in our halls, especially for the Great Hall, we have many different seating plans (song recital, large orchestra, choir concert, etc.) and classification options for the different price categories. To find the perfect seating plan for your event, please contact our team, who will be happy to help you make the right choice.

Are there fixed price categories?

Each organizer/tenant is free to choose ticket prices. We would be happy to offer you personal advice here as well.

How do ticket sales work?

Essentially, the Musikverein takes care of the complete ticketing. The tenant pays a one-time fee for the complete processing of ticket sales, as well as a ticket sales commission shown in the rental offer. In consultation with you, we will take care of the ticket printing and the issuance of the tickets, both in our ticket office and online via our website. The tenant can take a number of tickets for their concert, limited only by the maximum capacity of the corresponding hall.

Concert box-office also on weekends?

The Musikverein ticketing service includes the fact that the box-office also opens one hour before the start of your event, outside of our opening hours and also on weekends.

Rules for events?

All our tenants recognize the house rules of the Musikverein upon conclusion of the contract. We ask you to pay special attention to the points on “security” and “enforcement of regulations and house rules”.

Selling tickets elsewhere?

Yes, this is possible, but must be discussed with your contact person at the Musikverein. By arrangement, we will provide a contingency for other points of sale. A map layout that deviates from our maps must be approved by us in advance.

© Wolf-Dieter Grabner

© Wolf-Dieter Grabner


Yes, the Musikverein also offers print@home for your event, provided that the customer purchases their tickets in our webshop.

Information on the sale of tickets?

We are happy to provide regular information about the ticket sales of your event. We ask for your understanding that we can only send you this information on request and exclusively by e-mail. We cannot provide any information in this regard at the ticket office or by telephone. We also ask you not to draw any conclusions about the intermediate status of advance ticket sales on the basis of the tickets offered on our website.

Would you like to hire a catering service?

Gerstner is the exclusive caterer of the Musikverein Vienna. Another catering service can only be hired in exceptional cases, with the express consent of Gerstner and the permission of the Musikverein. Please note that in the event of approval, advance payments must be made to the exclusive caterer. If you have any further questions regarding catering, please contact Gerstner by e-mail.

Promotion of the event?

You are completely responsible for the promotion of your event. Apart from the publication of your concert on our homepage and in the calendar of our magazine “Musikfreunde”, the Musikverein does not take any further promotional measures. Please note that for timely publication, all information about the event must reach us according to the time frame specified in the contract.

Hanging up flyers / posters?

After consultation with your contact person at the Musikverein, you can have flyers for your event placed in our box-office from one week before the concert date. If space is available, we can also hang one of your posters in A1 portrait or A0 landscape format on our billboards (limited postering possibility). Please send all printed materials as a preview PDF to your contact person at the Musikverein before printing.

Preparation of programme booklets?

As the organizer, you are responsible for the design and printing of your program booklets. We are happy to take over the sale (and in the case of free programmes, the distribution) of your programme booklets to the audience for a fixed commission. Depending on the variant, please note that either the price of the programme booklet or the note “free programme” can be found on your programme booklet. Please send a preview PDF to your contact person at the Musikverein before going to press.

Use of the Musikverein logo?

The use of the logo of the Musikverein is reserved exclusively for the events of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna.

Photography and sound recordings?

Recordings, photographs and film recordings of any kind may only be carried out, without exception, with the prior permission of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde. For all recordings, photo or film recordings, fees for the domiciliary rights are incurred. For exact prices, please contact your contact person at the Musikverein. Please remember to discuss the exact placement of the recording equipment with them before the start of ticket sales.


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