Fri 16. March 2018

20:00 Gläserner Saal / Magna Auditorium, Musikverein

Die Duetten

Mundart-Chanson oder so ähnlich

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Der Die Duetten Konzertabend - Mundart-Chanson oder so ähnlich Isabel Gaber / Michaela Khom Scheiß di net an Das erste Mal Conversation Marie Wie I des find Dosenhawaii I e a — Pause — Isabel Gaber / Michaela Khom Spieler Finstagram Schau ma gemeinsam nach vurn Leiwand sein Für Hugo


Isabel Gaber / Michaela Khom Standing Ovations Scheiß di net an


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Das Konzert wurde vom Metallenen Saal in den Gläsernen Saal / Magna Auditorium verlegt.


Dialect chanson or something like that

The style of "Die Duetten" can not be named, but: Their music is certainly refreshingly different. They are honest, but not always, critical, uncritical, love clichés and like to serve them. Music, oral art or dialect is what they do. Michaela Khom, musical actress, and Isabel Gaber, graphic artist and musician on her way to an artistic doctoral degree: two young, creative girls who paint with words inspired by everyday life. Linguistically, they meet in the Viennese dialect, musically between Chanson and Wienerlied.

Friday, March 16, 2018, 8pm