General information about the events

1. Please note the age limit of 3 or 4 years and refrain from attending concerts with smaller children.

2. In accordance with the regulations of the theater police, one ticket must be purchased for each visitor regardless of age. We ask for your understanding that we do not offer lap cards.

3. Please note that the storage facilities for baby carriages are extremely limited, and if possible, come to the Musikverein without a stroller.

4. Please hand over coats and over jackets as well as bicycle helmets, rucksacks, oversized bags and similar sized items to one of the designated wardrobes. For children's concerts in the New Halls, the cloakroom fee is included in the ticket price (from the 2017/18 season).

5. Please do not bring food and drinks to the concert hall. Spilled drinks and leftovers on the floor pose a threat.

6. Places on seat cushions are intended for children, adults may sit on armchairs from the second row of seats or at the very edge of the marked floor area.

7. Please keep the seats in the first row of seats free for children if possible.

8. Please ensure that your child does not enter the stage area unless explicitly requested by the artists.

9. Please note that a concert can best be followed if the auditorium is quiet and not gossiped.

10. According to the house rules, picture, film and sound recordings are forbidden before, during and after the concerts without special permission.