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2023/24 | 2024/25

For more than thirty years, the Musikverein has offered a varied concert program that allows children, young people, and families to immerse themselves in musical worlds. Each concert series is unique – but playing, dancing and singing along play an important role everywhere because musical development goes hand in hand with your own actions. The museum’s archive, library and collections also open their musical cabinet of curiosities to the whole family during staged and interactive flashlight tours.

Illustration by Edith Carron

Programme for Children, Youth and Families

An overview of individual events and subscriptions for children, young people and families in the 2024/25 season can be found here.

Dodo und Tatz | Topolina | Sebastian und das Tontelefon | Agathes Wunderkoffer | Albertos Abenteuer | Allegretto | Taschenlampen-Führungen | Capriccio

© Dieter Nagl

Programme for kindergartens

Kindergarten groups can choose from a comprehensive concert program at the Musikverein. Three series, each with different artists, concepts and themes, playfully introduce children to the world of music. Playing along, dancing and singing along have a high priority in all concerts because musical development goes hand in hand with doing one’s own thing.

Topolina | Sebastian und das Tontelefon | Agathes Wunderkoffer
© Igor Ripak

Programme for schools

The Musikverein offers an extensive program for all school levels – from preschool and elementary to middle and secondary schools. During staged and moderated concerts, dress rehearsal visits and encounters with our artists, we build sustainable bridges into the world of music.

Alberto’s Adventures | Wunderwelt Orchester | Rising Stars | Backstage|Onstage | Archiv macht Schule

© Wolf-Dieter Grabner

Club 20

The youth club, for everyone from 14 to 29 years of age, offers all music fans in this age group the opportunity to enjoy each of our social concerts (“Organizer: Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna”) from the best seats – for only €20 per ticket in the famous Große Musikvereinssaal (Golden Hall) and €10 in the no less exciting venues of the Brahms Saal, Glass Hall / Magna Auditorium and Metal Hall.

General Information

Lower age limits

Please note the age recommendations at the events and refrain from visiting with younger children if possible.


Children subject to supervision can only attend our events accompanied by adults.

Floor pitches

Children can sit directly in front of the stage in the open hall at all children’s concerts (except the “Capriccio” concert series and the “Wunderwelt Orchester” concert). For adults, rows of chairs are available in the rear area of the hall. At our baby concert series “Dodo und Tatz”, the hall is carpeted on which children and adults can sit together.


For safety reasons, please ensure that your child only enters the stage when expressly invited to do so by the artists. Children and adults can move freely in the room at the baby concerts “Dodo und Tatz”. Nevertheless, we ask for your attention and assistance so that no instruments or props are damaged, the artists and other visitors are not disturbed, and no safety risks arise.


Coats, bags, backpacks, bicycle helmets, umbrellas and folding chairs may not be taken into the hall for safety reasons. For safekeeping at the cloakroom, the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde reserves the right to charge a fee in cash. The cloakroom fee is included in the ticket price for children’s concerts in the New Halls and at all kindergarten and school events.


At our baby concerts, “Dodo und Tatz”, there is a separate parking area for strollers and buggies in the foyer of the second basement floor. At all other events, stroller storage is minimal. We therefore ask you to come to the Musikverein without a stroller if possible.

Lap cards

Each concertgoer must purchase their own ticket, regardless of age. We therefore ask for your understanding that we do not offer lap cards.

Food & Beverages

Please do not take food and beverages into the concert hall. Spilt drinks and leftovers on the ground pose a hazard.

Baby changing tables

At our baby concerts, “Dodo und Tatz” changing tables are prepared in the restrooms of the foyer in the second basement.