Rehearsals in the Großer Musikvereinssaal

"I was totally surprised at how much I enjoyed classical music." Thomas, 16 

Musikverein Vienna is very interested in encouraging young people to come in contact with classical music. Within the scope of the education programme 'am@deus' pupils of Austrian High Schools are invited to attend - free of charge - general rehearsals of the great orchestra concerts in the Großer Musikvereinssaal. The students get tickets for the best seats in the stalls and experience Beethoven & Comp. at close insight. 

Information packages containing details about the works performed and the artists involved as well as press articles are provided, so the visit to Musikverein can thoroughly be prepared at school in advance. 

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A visit from the House of Windsor

Participation in a rehearsal by the Vienna Philharmonic with Christian Thielemann in the Goldene Saal formed part of the official visit to Vienna (5 and 6 April 2017) by the British heir to the throne Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. The British Embassy in Austria passed on a request that a school class might be invited to come along too. The British Royal Household had heard about the comprehensive musical education projects run by the Musikverein and wished to find out more about them. Thus schoolchildren from the Musikgymnasium in Neustiftgasse, in Vienna’s 7th District, were able to observe the rehearsal from the seats directly behind the royal guests and then afterwards to engage in discussion with the visitors about their musical interests. Prince Charles told of his ability to play the cello “very badly” as he humorously put it. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, asked whether the music students had an ambition at a later date to join the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. When an eager “Yes!” came back, she wished all the young people present “the best of luck!”